Wednesday, February 19

Renaming of cities and enforced dress code: Signs of an abysmal future

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Their strong Islamic heritage and historical service to Islam has bought a special attention on the muslims of uttar Pradesh by the Hindutva brigade. The recent renaming of two important cities which have a special place in the history of muslims, whereby Allahabad and Faizabad were renamed as Prayagraj and Ayodhya respectively and the announced government plans to deprive madrasa students of their preferred Islamic attire and impose hindu dress code are far reaching and alarming events for the muslims.

  • Its worth noting from a historical perspective that a massacre and genocide of a nation is accompanied or followed by the extermination of the vanquished nations culture and civilization, and usually after sustained efforts which could sometimes take centuries an entire nation’s way of life ceases to exist. In Modi’s digital entire they are only reversing the process where by they want to trample muslim culture and identity so the task of genocide becomes easy.
  • The renaming of cities and imposition of dress code is to create an impression and image that muslims and hindus are infact one nation and when the massacre of muslims happens, the indian government will be able to label it as an internal issue within the nation between two brotherly communities making it easy to silence world condemnation and opposition.
  • Modi has aptly learnt from his past mistakes so that he doesn’t have to face the same questions and issues which he had to face after the Gujrat massacre, which happened under his watch.

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