Wednesday, February 19

The importance of Babri Masjid- Can Muslims imagine the consequences of Ram Mandir constructions?

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When a controversy prolongs for too long, it’s natural for people to wish for an end to the controversy. Also its impossible to understand our present situation without understanding our past and history; In recent history Bosnian Muslims who had avoided problems with the Serbs and had adopted similar names and culture but still the Serbs didn’t hesitate to kill Muslims during the Bosnian holocaust.

  • If we are to accept the demands of Hindu terrorists on the issue of one Mosque, it would mean that Muslims will have to accept Hindu demands on all contentious issues. Are we ready for such a situation?
  • Does withdrawal and surrender from the issue of Babri Masjid assure safety for Muslims? Has any Muslim leader received a covenant and promise from the Hindutva community that there will be no more of riots and killings if Muslims leave Babri Masjid? In fact backing down and retreating from this issue will only lead to further problems and eventual genocide while a determined and steadfast stand will protect Muslim lives.
  • Allah(swt) commands Muslims to : “ remain on a right course as you are commanded and do not follow their inclinations”(42:15) and as Allah(swt) says elsewhere in surah Baqarah : “They will always seek war against you till they turn you away from your faith, if they can” (2:217)

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