Wednesday, February 19

Hindus offer prayers at Taj Mahal Mosque violating its sanctity: From the fascism of Hindu women to the servitude of Maulana Habeeb-ur-Rahman-thani, the shahi Imam of Punjab.

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The Hindutva administration along with their terrorist cronies are carrying out the desecration and violation of mosques and other Muslim religious places throughout the country. As if the everyday issues faced by Muslims whether its preventing Muslims from offering Friday prayers at certain places or the killing of imams or the Ram mandir movement weren’t enough, new controversies in the form of Hindu prayers at the Taj mahal mosque and the attempts of certain leaders of the Muslim community like Maulana Habeeb-ur-Rahman to make servitude and slavery the norm amongst Muslims are taking shape.

  • The recent events such as the killing of an Imam’s son and the subsequent forgiving of the killers by the Imam, demonstrating one sided brotherhood by the murdered Muslim’s family or the incident in Rajasthan where a young Muslim was murdered by Hindus and in response to that the murdered Muslim’s family accepted Hinduism as if dispensing some kind of symbolic justice to their murdered son and now the display of love and brotherhood by Maulana Habeeb-ur-Rahman by drinking the water leftover by a Hindu.
  • Do these events truly represent brotherhood or is it helplessness and weakness disguised as brotherhood, is it virtue and manners or a shroud of servitude, is it patience against oppression or is it encouragement for further oppression?
  • It’s because of such exemplary manners that the Hindutva brigades are not content with the destruction of Babri Masjid and are demanding access to Taj Mahal, its because of our manners that Gujrat genocide was followed up with Muzarfarnagar and Assam, so do we further demonstrate our manners and turn the other cheek to the Hindu terrorists and fanatics?
  • As Muslims we should never forget that exemplary manners have sometimes aided in the propagation of Islam and also has sometimes aided in the annihilation and extermination of Muslims. So which is it now?

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