Wednesday, February 19


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Sangh terrorists have begun preplanned attacks on kashmiri Muslims in kashmir and the rest of India and are systematically harassing and oppressing them. The rest of Muslims in India are maintaining a strange silence and are witnessing the oppression as mute spectators; may be believing that this issue concerns the kashmiris and has nothing to do with them, but such a belief is a complete antithesis of the  very concept of Ummah. Its time the Indian Muslims liberate themselves from such narrow and confined worldview, the issue is not of Muslims from Bihar or U.P or Gujrat or Kashmir, rather the issue is of Ummah of Muhammad(pbuh) and today specifically of the subcontinental Muslims. Its a Hindutva design to divide Muslims into narrow regional and linguistic boundaries in India such that a Muslims facing a catastrophe in a region are led to believe that this is not their issue or problem. Its time Muslims realize that our Silence will only embolden the Hindutva goons and contribute to the oppression happening on us. The solution to Saffron terrorism is not through votes but by stopping the terrorists from committing terror and oppression,


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