Wednesday, February 19

Question & Answer: For critics of Jihad in India

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Question: Time has not yet come for Jihad in India, in retaliation if we kill Hindu terrorist killers then it’s assumed that current government will openly sponsor mass killing of Muslims and mass arresting. Also it is fear that none of the Muslim house will be safe?


  • Jihad is not implacable yet in India! How can we decide, is it a revelations from sky or we have decided that we will keep quite even though hundreds and thousands of Muslims been killed will not move unless someone from our family will be (may Allah forbid) killed. Or we are waiting for an angel to come down and order us for Jihad? Brother Quran had directed us in Surah Nisa ayah # 75 that “some of your destitute men, women, children are calling for help to pull them out from the cruel”.
  • Remember that when we do Jihad even on small level, that will stop the mischief planning of kuffars and defend Muslim being killed. When Muslim stopped doing Jihad then kuffar will attack and situation like Burma, Bosnia and Russia mass killing of Muslims will repeatedly occur. If we stand for Jihad in these countries that mass killing will be stop. When we read Surah Anfaal in ayah # 60 ,Allah has promised that “if we do Jihad then Allah will create your fear in the hearts of kuffar” and they will hold their hands and Allah reward us victory over them. But Allah SWT says this all for the wise people who think and believe in it.

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