Thursday, December 12

We can not be calm on Babri Masjid issue

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  • Babri Masjid was never built on Ram janam Isthan, but Hindutva wadi are in search of a fake ram janam isthan.
  • If Muslims claim on temples which were built from 15th century, Will Hindus allow us to capture all those temples and destroy to rebuild Masajid.
  • If anybody claim that Baber is his ancestor and Rashtrapati Bhavan is owned by Baber and must be given to him, Is it possible ? Or will think it’s a dream of a foolish person ?
  • It’s a question for a sensible nation that, Will all temples and Masajid which were destroyed or captured since 600 years wars between Hindu and Muslim cases will put up in courts ? If not possible.
  • Then we reject such foolish claim and will never ever allow to built Mandir on Masjid place at any cost.

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