Wednesday, February 19

Who is a real terrorist?

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When the Jihadi convoy of Syed Ahmed Shaheed took start from Barely in 1821, then he had only 100 rupees in his hand which he distributed in poor people among them majority was Hindus. We Muslim were never ever partial until Hindus started doing so, there was peace for you and for us that time. Congress gave shelter to those Hindus fascist who started destroying peace by Shudhi movement against Muslims.
In 1915 Shaikh Mahmoud-ul-Hasan formed a Government in Afghanistan during his exile, he made a Hindu Raja Mahindar Pratap president of that Muslim Majority state. When Moulana Mohd Ali Johar and Moulana Shoukat started Khilafat movement in Nagpur in 1920 (non-cooperative movement) then he brought forward Gandhi among Muslims and in a way he gave a chance to become leader of Indian people finally made him Mahatma as reward.
When we saw Malkana Rajput Muslims of Mewat were forced converted to Hindus by Swami Sharad Anand and when he insulted our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW then from Muslim Ummah a brave son Ghazi Abdul Rasheed challenged him and put him in a pool of blood by killing this dirty Hindu in a shootout. Whenever Hindu fascist press Muslims by playing lean politics, a Pakistan came in existence, if any Shudhistance will come in existence in future, then they (shudhi movement) will be responsible not Muslims.
The fascist Hindus in a reward of Gujrat genocide made Modi as Prime Minister & made chief minister to Aditya Nath for Muzaffar Nager carnage, of course RSS, Shudhi movement and todays Hindutva Govt. is responsible for dividing the society on the base of polarization not Muslims. Moreover Hindu Govt. had locked-up our youth and Ulemas in jail and killing Muslims on the name of love Jihad and Gawrakhsha which may break India again into pieces and the common Hindus definitely will get in huge suffer. The time being progress of India will sink in this polarization sea of haterate. The British understood and never cross the red line of Muslim Shariah but this Hindu Fascist are so proud that they cannot image the damage coming on the way.
By creating fear among Muslims they cannot detach Muslims from Islam.When Fascist Hindus have started one sided war then Muslims will not deny it because we have a complete life model, if fascist Hindu want to fight the same war which Muslims have fought with British then it is so easy for Muslims because Muslims fight for the sake of Allah and his messenger not for the wealth and dynasty and Hindus must know our history we will fight till complete destruction of falsehood. Like in the field of Ghazwa-e-Uhad Hazrath Saad Bin Abi Waqas & Hazrath Abdullah Bin Jahash unitedly make dua. Hazrath Abdullah Bin Jahash said : O my Allah tomorrow on the war field let me face a brave from Kuffars, he will attack on me and I will attack on him and have a tough fight among us, then this kafir will dominate on me and cut my nose and all the parts of my body into pieces and on the day of Qiyamah when you will ask me, Abdullah what have you brought for me ?then I will say Ya Rabbi I have sacrificed all what I had, on this dua Saad RA said Ameen. Then Hazrath Saad said: Tomorrow on the war field I will face a brave fro kuffars and after a tough fight I will come over this kaafir and will kill him, then Hazrath Abdullah said Ameen and Allah SWT accepted the prayer of both the Sahabi and rewarded their wishes.
The above event is testimonial that we Muslims surrender ourselves completely to the Allah decision, and now we Muslims of India will repeat the same dua on the field whether you try to stop us declaring as terrorist, but the fact is Hindus have started this terrorism by Genocide of Muslims in the hand of this fascist Shudhi movement. In fact when this war will start nobody in this world can stop our convoys until the complete destruction of Hindus and their fake religion and until we take retaliation of the innocent girls been raped on the streets of Delhi, until they get justify and until the poor Dalit, Sikh and minority get justification and full respect in the society and this convoy of Mujahideen will not move from ground until we bring back social justice and peace in India.

Jazakallah Khair
Mohammed Abdali


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