Wednesday, February 19

No settlement on Babri Masjid is acceptable

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  • Every religion has their own faith and worship places, as far the Hindus claim is concern it’s more than 100 years they could not even prove that Ram was born in that place.
  • Hindus claim that Babri Masjid was build on ram mandir wreckage which is not only fake claim but also force on Muslims to submit and agree on their slavery.
  • Once Msulims agree on handing over Allah’s house to them they have several thousands of their Bhagvan for identification and will not stop on Babri Masjid. Then imgine, how many Masajid will be demolished ?
  • If Muslims handover Babri Masjid to Hindus that means they gain the power, the psychology of the powerful nation is by hook or crook they will dominate on other and will make them slave.
  • In todays time Burma situation is open for us to learn and get prepared accordingly, if not then Allah will not stand with us but replace us with someone who obey Allah and have courage to defend Allah’s houses on earth.

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