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Implementation of`Criminals theory’ of RSS

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The most prominent ideologue of RSS, MS Gawalkar declared Muslims and Christians as ‘internal threat’ no.1 and no.2 respectively. This understanding has been the core belief of RSS leaders/cadre, in charge of dharam jagran samiti rajeshwar singh, few months after modi taking over as PM of the country in 2014 declared that ‘we will free India of muslims and christens by 2021’ since both muslims and christens constitute around 16 – 17 % of the countries’ population, it is surely going to be a herculean task.
However, the Hindutva individuals / leaders are working overtime to accomplish this task within the deadline. Since muslims are the largest minority, the Hindutva jauggernaut is concentrating on them. Apart from using cow, tiranga, wandematram, love jihad and blaming extraterritorial loyalties, fake videos are being circulated to spread hatred against common muslims and organize mobs for attacking them. Conspiracies have become the Hindutva mantra to cleanse muslims.
The latest incident has happened in rajasthan, which, incidentally, leads the nation in violence against muslims in Dalits. According to an august 28 reporting the Indian express, ‘a little over a month ago, a short video clip had gone viral on social media in the hindu majority Hindoli, Rajasthan. The clip shot entirely from over head, showed an old man in a skull cap and white kurta – pajama molesting a child. It was difficult to identify two due to the angle of camera as well as the poor recording quality, while there were no clues to make out the under construction site were the attack took place. However, by late july, word had spread that the old man “resembled” 80 years old abdul Ansari and that the young child looked like Rajput gar from the neighborhood.
Abdul waheed Ansari headed a family of businessmen who owned a popular shop namely ‘Bharat krishi sewa kendra’ which dealt in seats, pesticides, manure, and spray machines which were run with the help of his son. Soon after video going viral, protesters, including people the ansari’s had known for long, were on the streets, demanding abdul’s arrest. The BJP, bangradal, VHP, and kerni sena held separate protest, with stone being pelted at the Ansari house damaging the families’ car.
The report goes on to tell that, on july 31, the father of the girls suspected to video lodged a complaint at the indori police station saying he recognized her from her frok. A FIR was lodged under IPC section 376 (rape) as well as under the protection of children from sexual offences act (POCSO) against abdul Ansari.
According to the elder son, shahadat ali Ansari of abdul waheed Ansari the same day police picked up the 80 year old Ansari for questioning at about 6am but let him go. Later, however, a few men, four of them journalists, started spreading rumors that we have bribed the police. A crowd of about 300 – 400 people surrounded their house police returned to arrest Ansari the same day, and he has been engaged for last 27 days.
It is despite the fact that in the first week of august it was proved that the video was fake. It was confirmed by the UP police that they said the video was recorded sometime in march in the pottery town of ‘khurja, UP’ and had nothing to do with abdul waheed. According to the press report the same was confirmed by the bundi SP adarsh sidhu while police are convinced that the video is not from bundi, Ansari troubles are far from over as ‘the molested girl ‘ had also made a statement under CRPC 164 before the magistrate which is legally more binding on police.
So 80 year old abdul waheed Ansari continues to be in jail despite inconvertible proof of his innocence due to a conspiracy hatched by hindutva communal elements. It is not difficult to know why Hindutva organization conspired. The family runs flourishing business which are the largest in the area. Shahadat Ansari, the eldest son lamented the fact that despite good relations with their neighbors the latter being manipulated by ‘crooked’ elements that are jealous of their wealth. The conspiracy at hindoli is a continuation of Hindutva organizations conspiratorial mindset. A publication of RSS (param vaibav ke path par) disclosed that on the eve of partition “swayam sewaks had posed to have adopted musalman religion in order to gain the confidence of delhi muslim league for knowing their conspiracies.
What the RSS swayam sewak, impersomating as muslims on the eve of independence, were doing was made clear by none other than Dr rajandar Prasad who later became the first president of Indian a letter to the first home minister of india, sardar patel,on14 march,1948, he wrote:
“I am told that RSS people have a plan of creating trouble. They have got a number men dressed as Muslims and looking like Muslims who ae to create trouble with the hindus by attacking them and thus incite Muslims.
“The result of this kind of trouble amongs the Hindus and Muslims will be to create a conflagration”
The murder of the Gandhi ji was outcome of |Hindutwa conspiracy and muslims are the main target of Hindutwa conspiracies.the only hope is judiciary and honest personell in the law and order setup who remain committed to democratic secular india

Your brother : Chaand Pasha


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